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Cork is a natural material obtained from cork oak. Although this is an interference with the environment, collecting cork does not adversely affect the plants, https://wattup.pl. They rebuild their bark in a few years. In addition, the internal structure of the cork translates into its advantages. It is a material with a high degree of thermal insulation. It protects against low and too high temperatures, but also against other unfavorable factors such as strong wind or snow. In addition, it lowers the vibration level, which reduces the noise level. It is not affected by fungal and bacterial infections. Its cells have walls covered with a special layer of wax fat, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, the cork is very flexible, making it pleasant to work with, it is also easy to install. It can be used in a place where people with allergies do not attract dust. It is completely natural, does not react with any chemical compounds, therefore it is safe for household members.
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Cork boards at home are a decorative element, but also a kind of organizer. On the cork board you can put color photos, children's drawings, addresses and telephone numbers and a traditional to-do list. In addition, we recommend self-adhesive cork wallpaper, which has the same function as the boards. Recently, a very popular and tasteful solution is cork-shaped wall and floor decorations. That is why our company offers interesting projects that will embellish the rooms of your apartments and houses. We offer high-quality cork decorations that have been carefully created with symmetry in mind. They are precisely cut, resistant to mechanical damage. We recommend 3D wall panels with three-dimensional shapes, which, in addition to their decorative function, also play a practical role. For a children's room, we offer a cork-shaped world map and for special occasions such as Christmas accessories that will decorate the Christmas tree or a richly laid table.
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We offer a roll cork, which you can cut to any length. It can be used as a thermal insulation product for a wall or as an underlay for floors. Roll cork can be fine or coarse-grained. We also present the sizes of the thickness of individual sheets. It works well as a material for insulating rooms, for creating cork boards or for making cork pads on your own.

Underlay for natural cork panels - cheaper interior heating
The cork can be used wherever we want to obtain the right temperature and silence the room. The best material for this is cork under the panels. It smoothes the surface, calms and protects against vibrations. The flexibility and elasticity of this material is useful in construction because it does not absorb moisture and thus does not break down.
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